Dalila Shemesh

Certified guide and hostess in Ramot for stories about Jerusalem. Dramatized tours in the neighborhoods 0508679877​

Chen Koren​

The table is already set, the candles are burning, homemade challahs and the smell of Shabbat in the air.

We welcome you to join our table, at the very center of the universe.

Great food will be served, along with Israeli wine and inspiring and heartwarming songs and stories according to Jewish tradition.

In her Jerusalem house, Chen hosts groups of tourists from all over the world for traditional Shabbat dinners and cooking workshops. She offers private meals, cooking classes and tours about the culinary history of the market, and its the products, smells, stories and unique flavors. 

English and Hebrew 0505875684

art, food, accommodations

Accommodations with Gourmet meals by a chef who was born and raised in Ein Karem, which combines upper dining with a breathtaking view and atmosphere, with an added side dish of gripping stories about the village and the house. The house also hosts workshops of fun baking.

Atalya guides culinary tours to the different markets of Jerusalem, and a unique culinary tour in Ein Karem, which reveals the magic inherent in the village by entering local houses and trying their traditional food.

Hebrew and English. 0524755167

Hana Azoulay

Authentic Moroccan accommodation

Dine over at Hana Azoulay's house

Hana Azoulay hosts people in her house in Kiryat Menachem through her classic Moroccan accommodations.

Couscous meals, marzipan workshops and Moroccan cookies in a Moroccan atmosphere, peppered with personal stories from a leading woman in the city. 0544400357

Rivka Brandwin

A Ultra-Orthodox styled accommodation experience in HaBucharim neighborhood

Rivka grew up in Mea Shearim, and after getting married moved to HaBucharim neighborhood.

Since then, she has lived in the neighborhood for over 30 years, and runs her "family factory" with love, care and great happiness.

Rivka will tell you about the life of the Jewish woman and the Jewish family, about love and matchmaking, and about marriage and life in the Ultra-Orthodox world. Possibility of Jewish cooking classes. 0548456771

Hadar Kleidman
"BeChefetz Kapeia" in Ein Karem

Hadar, an artist and a Herbalist, started the "BeChefetz Kapeia"

ancient crafts house, with the goal of teaching and preserving ancient knowledge.

in the magical workshop, designed in the spirit of olden times, there are Folklore

tours and basketry, wool, weaving, knitting, natural cosmetics, herbalism workshops, and more. 0542511128

Liat de Cohen

The De Cohen family Liat a chef, confectioner and caterer; and Nir, a lighting designer open their hearts and their home with love for various dining experiences:

Friday night dinner and welcoming the Sabbath in the Jewish tradition, delicious home-cooked dishes, a family atmosphere and pleasant company create a unique and unforgettable experience.

Garden Dining – A rich breakfast, lunch, or dinner in an enchanting environment. A wide range of rich and varied dishes prepared with fresh, locally grown ingredients, served in eye catching, aesthetic arrangements.

Cooking and Baking Workshops – Apleasant experience of sampling cooking knowhow. 

Suitable for groups, families, or private functions for up to 30 persons.


Efrat Hallamish-Hen HaMakomA taste of life in the City of David

Efrat, who lives in the City of David with her large family for over 25 years, invites you to enter her enchanting backyard and house, enjoy her hearty hospitality, amazing homemade refreshments and her personal story from the early days of the renewing City of David to the everyday challenges of A large family in this special place, and other special activities in this unique Jerusalem Experience.
Up to 100 people, Hebrew and English.

Kinneret Botell-Leibowitz
village daughter 

Folklore dancer and descendant to Yemeni immigrants who came to Ein Karem

at the end of 1948. She tell stories of the Yemenites and her family, along with tips for health and longevity. With an optional gripping performance of emotionally touching dance with audience participation and teaching the dance moves to the sound of original tunes, all in the fabric house built around a huge and ancient millstone. 0523466426

Dina Brandwin

The wife of the head Rabbi in the Jewish Quarter

Homey accommodations and a women's gathering place in the Jewish Quarter of the Old city. Dina Brandwin, the wife of the head Rabbi of the Stratyn Chasidic movement, invites you to a memorable and fascinating women's gathering and an engaging and open conversation about the roles and duties of the women in society and in the family, as well as restoring the "stolen light". In the conversation with Dina you will hear about the Challa offering, Niddah and Shabbat Candles Mitzvah and experience firsthand the Challa offering Mitzvah -the closeness to G-d especially in the woman's Mitzvahs -the personal gift we have received. You will hear about women and their role in the family and the meaning of "Eshet Hayil", as well as what stems from the word "Amen". 0504150924

Dina will tell about her and her family's activities to help the people of Israel.

In the meeting with Dina you will hear about true love and how she works to fulfill it and gain spiritual tools you can apply easily and happily in your own lives. The accommodation is partially accompanied with background music

You are heartily invited.

For details: Rabbi's wife Dina 0504150924/02-5863452

Accommodates up to 30 women

Ana Eliya

Sing, heal, rejoiceEveryone has a voice longing to emerge from their depths, a song longing to resonate.

Accommodation in Nachlaot in the house of Ana Eliya, who tells the story of her immigration from France 17 years ago, leaving her family and roots.  Her search for the depths of her voice and soul led her to Jewish mysticism, her life in Nachlaot as a singer and healer using voice. Includes: An auditory experience, singing and light refreshments.

In Hebrew, French and English.


A Christian woman from the Armanian Quarter


Tells the story of a Christian woman living in the Armanian Quarter

and hosts people in her house over Hummus, Salad and Falafel. 0522966628

Shoshana Karbasi
The old house in Ein Karem  

Grandma Sultana's Love party.

Poetry and folklore meeting at the old house in the village with the poet and writer - Shoshana Karbasi.

About Sephardi weddings, women's Code language, old jewels, mascots and

incantations, in a meeting full of roots and yearning.


Mazal Motell

The Yemenis are sweet, the workshop is spicy

Yemeni accommodations, spiced with family stories about the immigration of the first Yemeni immigrants to Ein Karem in the '50s. The everyday life, the happy occasions, the fights, the goat herding and more, accompanied by authentic singing. You will also hear about the Yemeni Hina, the costumes, the songs and the jewelry, and their symbolic meaning. The accommodation includes a taste of the Yemeni kitchen, a spicy workshop where you will learn to make Zahoog, Hilbe and of course, you will also learn the Yemeni Dance.​


Anyone can do it!

In Hebrew, English, French And Spanish. 0544867862

Ruth Habilio

Tiles & Tales

A fascinating meeting with Ruth Havilio, an Artist from Ein Karem who paints on

ceramic tiles in a renovated ancient stone house.

She tells stories about her sources of inspiration, including personal family stories which are deeply intertwined with the history of Jerusalem.

Suitable for women's empowerment groups, Bat Mitzvahs and for anyone who loves art and color.

Hebrew and English.



Haya Weisel
Silver crafts workshop 

Haya Weisel, Jewel and Judaica designer using silver, opens her house, in the center of town, to fun workshops suitable for small groups looking to incorporate a spiritual experience with a material experience. Haya is an artist living the Jerusalem experience, and her workshops are suitable to all ages, from Bat Mitzvahs to Bachelorette Parties and advanced age birthdays.



Dahlia Harfoof

A Kurd from the Yemeni Valley 

In Dahlia's house in Ein Karem, you'll hear folks tales and children's songs that Dahlia heard as a child and will be familiar to you as well. You will learn to make Kubbas and enjoy traditional Kurdish cuisine. 0526444790​

Jacqueline Habilio

The singing painter

In a beautiful old stone house Jacqueline paints, through the windows and doors, the magical views of Ein Karem; She will tell you about her art, combined with personal, touching stories about her travels around the world. Jacqueline will sing touching Yiddish folk songs. Jacqueline is a certified travel guide and it's possible to combine an outdoors tour with the indoors accommodation. You could also try art workshops and East European cuisine. 0543241949​

Tzipora Weingarten

Tzipora's-eye view 

For Tourists and Israelis - NOT what you thought! An exciting experience of hospitality in an authentic Ultra-Orthodox home, including soft drinks, pastries and coffee. The personal story of a Charismatic and fascinating woman, who is an author, writer poet and composer. Stories, poems and music in the spirit of the holiday  and season. Likewise, there is a special program from a different sphere for girls for their Bat Mitzvahs with their mothers.

In Hebrew and English.

Shoshana Bachar

La Jerusalemite

Accommodation with a story about immigration from France to Jerusalem, and the special life today in Israel with the family and community. How I got to return, surprisingly, to my identity and country, with funny moments, an emphasis on the experience, select songs in French and an assortment of songs in Hebrew, special artistic pictures of the family, coffee and typical French refreshments. Based on the season, there will be special features which include a conversation about the universality of the people of Israel in their country.

In Hebrew and French.

Michaela Harari

An Andalusian experience in Ein Karem

Michaela Harari  An Andalusian experience in Ein Karem

Michaela Harari, the flamenco dancer in a show, along with an explanation and experiencing the unique form of dance.

Anyone can do it!

In Hebrew, English, French And Spanish. 0544867862

Daphna Kendel

The Jerusalem home in the Muslim Quarter

A young energetic woman tells the story of a the life of a Jewish family with nine sons inside the Muslim Quarter in a two and a half bedroom apartment, between alleyways which can't hold a vehicle, and getting home with the groceries. Daphna's House is a family-run workshop creating love and dialog and the view seen from the balcony is only a bonus from the visit.​

Oria Amit

eco-house in Ein Karem

Getting to know the Ecological house, and the principals Of living green, dialog and different activities in the field of sustainability: Guiding principles, the creation of environmentally friendly products, natural homemade nurturing and treatment products, green tips, a game, deep breathing and guided imagery. For a world of Harmony between us and our environment. You can order workshops to create natural cleaning materials for fairs, rec centers, private homes and summer camps. 0527877283

Hebrew, English and Italian.

Malka Eliyahu Kosovich

A Jerusalem tour guide

Certified tour guide, an assortment of tours in Jerusalem including an option to include accommodations at home. Lives in an Ultra-Orthodox dynasty in the Makor Baruch neighborhood, hostess in the dynasty and brings people to meet Rabbis and Hasidi leaders in dynasties and neighborhoods, combining homey accommodations in houses and in the houses of Ultra-Orthodox women.​

Ayelet Oren

Jerusalem of the heavens

Ayelet lives in Makor Baruch, and offers staged tours in the Ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods in the city.

Meetings with the Hasidic world in Jerusalem, a tour and accommodations -

Hebrew and English. 0527502770

Efrat Giat

"follow the sheep and goats..."

A certified languages tour guide; Hebrew and Italian and goat-cheese making and Yemeni pastries making workshop instructor. We will tour together in the alleyways of magical Ein Karem, hear fascinating stories about unique Women of olden times to spice up our tour with extra flavor. 0528048314​

Bracha Cohen

Ultra-Orthodox hostess in the Bait VaGan neighborhood

Singing and guitar-playing circles

A lot of happiness and good energies Combined with the "the art of food" workshop. With optional Challah making ceremonies. For all sorts of women groups looking for a different, uniting spiritual experience. 026421872

Ziva Eylon

Ceramics artist

Ziva Eylon will accommodate you in her magical home in Beit HaKerem and let you experience crafting with ceramics.

You could enjoy a fun workshop of kneading, designing and painting on the tools you make yourselves, along with light refreshments. 0507422412